What curtains are needed for the kitchen

Each hostess who decided to decorate the kitchen interior is asked questions related to the choice of curtains for the kitchen? It’s no accident, the modern variety of products complicates the choice. Remember, kitchen curtains are an element of the interior, allowing you to change the appearance of the room. As a result, the culinary workshop becomes a cozy place for the family. Traditionally in the kitchen there are a few large objects. Only pots, kettles and other kitchen utensils. The color dominant of the room is determined by walls and kitchen furniture, and the curtains are diluted.


Light curtains. They create an atmosphere of lightness and spaciousness.

Short – a solution to increase space. Cloth with dirt-repellent properties. For a kitchen, products with such characteristics are indispensable. People cook in the kitchen. The air in the room is saturated with soot and grease. From the curtains with pleats refuse, they quickly get dirty.

Ideal for the kitchen are light curtains with the possibility of adjusting for height. The cloth tablecloth will suit them. Color is also important.


Light – the leader. They spread the walls and create a magical atmosphere. The dark ones. Narrow the room. If they are a small picture, the impression of untidiness of the room is created. Bright. They create a joyful and spring mood in the room.

White. Rarely found in the kitchen. Less than a shade is better. The length of the curtains. Choose according to the style of the room. In the classic style fit long models.


Short are more practical and convenient.

Do not close the window sill, less get dirty and expand the space. Ideal – rolled or Roman curtains.

They do not need a lot of space, they are functional and practical. Kitchen curtains should be functional, practical, beautiful and stylish.


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