Living room interior design

You will certainly agree that the design and interior of the living room should mean a balanced and harmonious combination of beauty, style and comfort. How to achieve this? This should help our advice, as well as your imagination … and it is fed up with interesting photos and examples.


The living room is traditionally considered the central place in the house, therefore it is usually reserved for it the most spacious and bright room. The main room in the house is meant for a quiet family holiday, when you can watch a good movie with a family, chat, play joint games or just exercise your favorite thing. In addition, it is in here that guests are received, with whom it’s nice to listen to music and to have a leisurely and relaxed conversation over a cup of aromatic coffee.


The whole design of the living room is usually built around a certain center. In addition to the traditional TV or home theater, the main accent can be a fireplace. The home is an ancient place, gathering people around. Near a warm fire, under the cozy crackling of burning logs, people often intend to discuss interesting and pleasant topics, to warm up, calm down and relax. In the living room, such a gathering place for a good company can serve as a table for tea or a large, comfortable sofa. And already around the chosen center there are comfortable soft armchairs, ottomans, carpets and pillows, coffee tables and other functional elements of furnishings and decor.

A large sofa and armchairs along with a coffee table are indispensable attributes of a comfortable rest, regardless of the style in which the interior design of the living room is designed.


The future design of the living room in the apartment is determined by the functions that it will perform. In the case where the main room in the house combines the space with the dining room and kitchen to achieve the desired effect of open and bright space, it is recommended to allocate these zones in the living room project. This can easily be done with different coverings, podiums or lighting. The general bright light will well illuminate the dining area, which can additionally be designated and advantageously shaded by a certain color or with the help of a suspended ceiling made of plasterboard with many built-in soffits.

Additional emphasis on your work area or a cozy recreation area can be highlighted with point lights. Proper lighting in the apartment is also very important. As well as color solutions … The zone of rest is best marked with cool shades, and for the dining area warmer colors will suit. The shades of red-orange and yellow scale are for food and casual conversation, and green and blue colors create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

Conditional boundaries of the zones can be original and harmonious bar counter, which must necessarily correspond to the overall stylistic orientation of the room. An open shelving with books, a large beautiful aquarium built into a decorative low partition – in this regard, your imagination will not be limited, as the living room, whose interior is created without any zest, has no right to life 🙂 Sliding interior partitions of transparent Glass or plastic, or special fabric partitions with printed or photographic printing – a convenient, fast and very presentable way to easily transform the living room, in cases where it is necessary to unite or separate it from other premises.


Furniture for the living room and its competent selection will optimally and maximally practical use of space. In the interior of the living room, in addition to the soft corner, there are often elements of cabinet sectional and multi-functional furniture. Depending on the style in the room can also be found solid buffets, chests of drawers and bookcases. Comfort is also created by properly selected high-quality textiles, warm carpets with long or short nap on the floor, ottomans and soft cute cushions on the sofa, flowers on the windowsills, suspended in flower pots or nicely arranged along the walls, muslin curtains on the windows, decorative floor vases and original lamps . It is good to diversify the classic interior of the living room, make it unique and unique, you will be able to use various style souvenirs, exclusive handmade items.

No matter how original or, conversely, the traditional design of the living room in your own home, it should be calm and comfortable, and the general atmosphere should be to a good rest. Despite the variety of stylistic solutions, the interior of your living room will depend entirely on your personal tastes and preferences, and serve as a stronghold of true family comfort.

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