Interior Textile usage

In the modern interior quite a lot of different textile products are used. One of those is bed linen. What should I pay attention to when choosing and buying bed linen?

It is difficult to imagine our life today without the use of home textiles. To decorate the windows use curtains and curtains, on the bed lies a veil and bedding, the sofa is clogged with fabrics. Textiles are actively used in the decor of any interior. And recently, textile textiles are gaining popularity. Thanks to modern technologies and bold designs of designers, textiles can not simply decorate any room, but also place accents and become its central part.

No house can be imagined without the use of bed linen. The variety of paints and fabrics today allows to get confused in the choice of a simple buyer. However, this can not but rejoice, because the times of plain uniform clothes have passed. Producers today are ready to please every customer. They produce bed sets of various sizes and compositions. It can be traditional “lorry” or “double-roll”, but also today popular sets of “eurostandard”. In addition, kits can be completed with several different pillow cases, decorative elements, bedspreads, etc. And if you want, you can order from the manufacturer a set of bed linen, tailored to individual orders.

Children’s bed linen deserves special attention. Traditionally, parents tend to buy a bed for children, made of natural fabrics. However, if your child has allergies and is uncomfortable sleeping on cotton underwear, then you can not do without synthetic materials, for example, viscose.
Among the variety of pictures you can choose bed linens with cartoons or with the heroes of your favorite fairy tales, with the image of princesses for girls or with typewriters or superheroes for boys. Believe me, any child will be happy to go to bed, if the bed is waiting for his favorite characters. For very young children you can choose as gentle colors of the bed, and, conversely, variegated. If there are bright objects on the sheet or pillow, the baby will be happy to look at them. Motley baby bedding will also be a great gift for a birthday or any other baby holiday. In addition, kits are often issued in gift wrapping. It is both a useful and an interesting gift.
Bed linen for adults is also pleased with the variety of fabrics and colors. Natural cotton, coarse calico, satin, poplin, silk or artificial fabrics – whatever items you choose, it is important that you feel comfortable resting on such a bed.

What to look

When buying bed linens, make sure that it does not shed. Especially this applies to those kits that have colorful pictures. Watch for the quality of the seams and used threads. It is important that when you wash the seams are not blossomed. Look, for example, a duvet cover or a pillowcase around the perimeter: threads should not stick out, and seams should be firmly secured.

If buttons or buttons are used in the duvet or pillowcase, check their strength. This is especially true for children’s kits, since small details can be dangerous for kids. If lightning is used, check it for opening and closing so that it does not stick. Lightning should not be scratched and felt.

It is also important that the bed linen clearly fit the size of the bed, cushion and blanket. If the duvet cover is bigger than the blanket itself, it will be uncomfortable for you to sleep, as it will constantly get lost. If less, then the comfort of your sleep is not added.

Outside the window is dark, blizzard, cold, but it’s worth to curtain the windows with curtains and instantly the atmosphere will create an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and peace. It is the curtains that can transform any room, both for the better and for the worse. Therefore, to create a good mood in the house, it is important to choose the right curtains – window dressing.


Light, translucent curtains are called curtains and they are sewn usually from muslin, silk, lace fabric. They are intended mainly for protection from sunlight, so in the afternoon they are usually not pushed. But the curtains, which are designed to protect the window from penetrating light, are sewn from a denser material: brocade, heavy dense silk, and even from velvet.

It is these curtains that are good for windows in the winter, they not only will not miss the street light, but also protect from the cold – a dense fabric does not let air pass from the window. Now, by the way, they produce fabrics with a non-blowing polymer coating.

An unusual solution in the window dressing is Japanese curtains, it is, in fact, a screen that, with the help of a special mechanism, extends from left to right parallel to the wall, and closes the entire window.

It can be selected as a tone of the wallpaper – as if merging with the wall, and can represent a pictorial canvas, which looks very original and functional.

American version – the decoration of curtains wound on the cornice, which fall from the window to the floor and lie in a train. Looks like these curtains beautifully, but they are not pulled back, this is the designer’s intention.


In most of the apartments, while traditional curtains hang, but when choosing them, you need to consider some points. It is not necessary to save, it is better to choose a good fabric, so that it does not sit down or shed after washing, had a dust repellent impregnation. In this case, it is preferable to choose curtains from mixed fabrics consisting of both synthetic and natural yarns. They do not crumple, are easily erased and decorated due to the huge choice of colors and colors. When purchasing a fabric, be sure to look at it at the skylight, because your curtains should look spectacular on the windows not only in the evening, but also in the daytime. In order for the fabric to drape well, the width of the curtains must be at least twice the length of the cornice. The lower edge of the curtain should almost touch the floor, otherwise they will look like a bush. Do not forget to add 10 centimeters to the hem.

The color of curtains should be combined with furniture upholstery and wallpaper. To the curtains do not merge with the wallpaper and the color of the walls, they are better to choose a few tones lighter or darker than the walls.

On sale now you can buy curtains of various design solutions. So rolled curtains – made of a homogeneous dense fabric, impregnated with a dust repellent composition. This reliable practical curtains are suitable for fans of minimalism in design. Although it is possible and a combined solution – when roller blinds are combined with conventional curtains.

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