How to place everything in a small kitchen

A small kitchen is always a problem with how to arrange furniture, fit in it all the necessary household utensils, so as not to occupy the whole space. Ordinary furniture, which is sold, can not fit in such dimensions, or will stand up so that there will be no place to turn around.

And to order furniture for a small kitchen can cost much more. What should I do in this case? How to place furniture in a small kitchen?


There are several solutions to this problem. If you increase the kitchen is virtually impossible, try to make use of the advice of professionals. Designers are advised to expand the size of a small kitchen by visual expansion of space or deception.

Use daylight and lamps
Expand the space can be due to the play of light. Well, when the kitchen has a large window – the more light goes, the more visually the room will look. In the daytime, when natural light comes in, everything is fine in this respect. The sunny kitchen

But if the kitchen is not on the sunny side, where there is initially little light, and also in the evening, when the sun has already gone beyond the horizon, you need to think about artificial lighting. Therefore, it is necessary to install light fixtures, especially in working areas – where dishes are washed, food is cut. But do not overdo it with quantity! As for the suspended ceiling, here the question is twofold, on one side the lamps built in it allow to fully illuminate the kitchen, but at the same time the height of the smallest room itself decreases.


Designers are advised to hang “heavy” curtains in the kitchen. Give preference to light tulle, which without problems will let the natural light into the room. You can buy roller blinds, easily assembled upstairs and fully or partially opening the window in the afternoon, and tightly closing in the evening. Whichever decision you take as a “window dressing” for the window, it should be light, flying, transparent. The colors on the window

Do not also clutter the sills of the kitchen window with tall and luxuriantly growing plants, they will block their arrival with natural light from the street. If you do not think your life without your favorite indoor flowers, then choose in the kitchen low, but at the same time beautiful flowers, for example, violet or begonia.


When choosing furniture it is better to choose calm pastel, not flashy colors for a small kitchen, this furniture looks compact. If it is glossy, it will be an additional “plus” to the visual expansion of space.

Refuse the “acid” colors and the use of a calmer color scheme, both walls and furniture. For example, now there is a great demand for transparent furniture – tables, shelves, and even chairs. But if you prefer a more classical style, learn how to harmoniously combine colors, they should be no more than two.

Furniture transformer
Small kitchens – this is a common problem, which suffered a lot of housing. Inconvenient layout prompted furniture factories to create small and practical furniture. Great demand, for example, used a table-book – in appearance it’s just a small curbstone, but when you decompose it, then a table can fit several people at once. Similar furniture, as well as kitchen corners, is still in demand, what is the use of the owner of a small kitchen.

The obvious solution of the issue with space is the refusal of excess furniture. Excess cabinets can be moved to another place, and a refrigerator, for example, put in the hallway. Design of a small kitchen.


Some prefer to hang small lockers on the wall, although this solution does not help visually expand the space of the kitchen, but it allows you to use the walls wisely. Do not forget about the little lesson from geometry – a round kitchen table will occupy less space than a square one!

You can even use the space under the windowsill for kitchen cabinets, and decorate the window sill in the form of a countertop, on which even a sink can fit.

Mirror would be more appropriate in the bathroom or hallway, but you can buy a locker with a mirror glass. The glass integrated in the furniture door always visually expands the space.


As you can see, in a small kitchen to place furniture the task though difficult, but quite feasible, if to business to approach with mind. Follow our advices and you will glad to see your new small kitchen with fresh interior design.

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