How to choose the right curtains – tips and tricks

When a person enters the room, the first glance he throws at the nearest window. It attracts the design and the landscape that is behind it. The design of the window system can emphasize the style of the room, giving it a complete finish. The curtains help in this. They are used to protect them from sunlight or from outside eyes. Curtains – an element of the interior, complementing the ensemble of furniture and decoration. Correctly selected curtains change the mood in the room, emphasize the character of the tenants of the apartment, change the shape of the window and increase the height of the ceiling. Choosing curtains is a creative activity. There are special rules that will help to avoid mistakes during the choice of style, pattern and shade.

Useful Tips

It’s hard to argue that windows are part of an apartment. Curtains – this is a kind of window clothing. Windows complement the situation and are considered the highlight of the room. They emphasize the advantages of the interior or hide the shortcomings. Each apartment has a unique style. To curtains fit into the picture, you need to modify the room. They can be organized through additions, including: eyelets, clamps, cords and lambrequins. There is a variety of offers in the store. Before beginning the design of windows, I recommend taking into account the parameters: the size of the windows, the size of the room, the height of the ceilings, the features of the room, the style of the interior.

If the ceiling is low, refuse lambrequins. Buy monochrome models. When the room has large windows and a high ceiling, the recommendations say to give preference to long options with assemblies. Ideal for a small room are light curtains.

To achieve the effect of dense curtains, make a multilayered composition of transparent fabric. Cornice from one wall to the second visually expands the room, and vertical bands visually raise the ceiling. Curtains with horizontal stripes make the narrow and high room cozy and low. Purple, gray and blue tones make the interior cool. Terracotta, red and yellow – warm up.

If you do not want the new curtains to get lost in the interior, the color should be darker or lighter than the shade of the walls. It’s good when the color matches the upholstery color of the furniture.

Selecting curtains by color


Color is as important as the style. If you correctly select the color gamut, you can visually expand the room, make it light or darken. Curtains – a decorative element, allowing at minimal cost to change the interior of the room. To avoid mistakes, remember, bright colors add light, and cool shades solve the problem with an excessive amount. There are no strict selection rules for color. It is not necessary that they are combined with furniture upholstery or a shade of wallpaper. The main thing is that they fit into the picture in style, texture, ornament and style.

Saving. Curtains in the tone of furniture upholstery can save you money. Focus on the wallpaper color is not worth it. Perekryivat lost the look of the wallpaper is more often than buying new furniture. Perfect option. If there are a lot of flowers in the room, people do not know what to look for when choosing. I recommend to focus on furniture in the room. Neutrality. If you do not attract a stylist to create an interior, but you can not boast of personal designer abilities, stop choosing neutral colors. This will make it easy to change the mood and style of the room without affecting the curtains.

Color bundle. Having chosen a neutral color, tie them to the interior element, decorated with a lambrequin or colored drapery. Engage the color edging.


Landmark on the window. If you want the window that attracts the attention of the room, give preference to bright models in a cage or strip. Variety of colors. If there are many colors in the interior, make sure that your eyes relax. Help not bright curtains under the color of the walls.

Monochrome. If you prefer a monochrome interior, you do not need to stop on the curtains, combined in color with other textiles, upholstery or the color of the walls. Stop selection on products of a similar shade. So the window system will separate and not merge with the overall picture.

Choosing curtains for the hall


In the old days, curtains in the rooms had practical properties – with their help people were protected from sunlight and a draft. Later people realized that they are suitable for decorating rooms. Over time, they became the main interior element. Textile materials are used in the manufacture of parts and interior items. Textiles add an interesting “zest” to the room. What room without curtains? In it you feel uncomfortable, the interior seems unfinished. There are design solutions without their use in the interior. Instead, they use other elements.

Before going to the store, analyze the fashion trends. So you will find out what colors and textures are in fashion. There is also fashion in the ways of draping. Having stopped choosing on unique curtains, do not try to emphasize their appearance after purchase. True beauty is muffled unreal.


Curtains for the hall are an independent set consisting of tulle, fabric curtains and lambrequin. When choosing, be guided by the interior of the room and the design, consider the colors and features. If a large family, at the time of choice, consider the tastes of the household. So you will make the interior of the room cozy for everyone.

If the purchased curtains seem not as beautiful as during the selection, decorate with decorative elements or tie with ribbons. Previously, heavy variants were considered fashionable. Now people prefer lightweight curtains that make the windows airy.


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