How to choose a kitchen

Ten years ago, when I still had no relation to the manufacture of furniture I bought a sink with cupboard, very inexpensive, and was pleased with my purchase. I’m even going to her herself, there were holes and all the necessary accessories.
Now, given my experience, I can analyze your “happy” acquisition way, then I is in the head could not come.
And so, let’s start with the fact that if you want to buy the product cheaper than most, it is necessary to choose among a set of standard elements and collect yourself.

And if you are still interested in the quality and durability, you should pay your attention to:
– Particle board, which is made from the furniture to the kitchen is better to use the Austrian EGGER, it is more expensive, but higher than the density of the material – that is, small voids. Accessories, which holds details kept it better.
– Trimming, that is edging details. The product is in any case should not be otkromkovano melamine, in fact it is thick paper, and the paper from moisture soak. Trimming should be plastic.
– Top – this is the most affected by moisture element in the kitchen. There are numerous options countertops, they are divided into three main groups:
1). The surface of the plastic based DSP, it is better if the prefabricated countertop, for example: EGGER (Austria), Lyuskform (Polish) or RESOPAL (Germany) and the like. The disadvantages are: the limitations in size (each brand its depth limitations, all of 600, some 900 and 1200, the length of 4000mm, 3000mm, 3600mm, length to be specified) and the presence of the joint when it is indirect to you provided. The color range is wide, many have similar decorations. To the water and they have sufficient abrasion resistance, when properly used.
2). The surface of the artificial stone is divided into two basic types:
-First – Worktops “leveling,” ie, is a special form which is filled with a liquid substance that solidifies turns worktop. It can be filled parts, after installing the joint is filled with the same composition of matter and its almost not visible. For table-top water resistant, abrasion but they are “soft”, can be messy using it to damage, repair it possible, call a specialist. You can pour the wash of the color and to connect without joints.
-Second – Sheet stone countertops. Sheets of 6 mm or 12 mm are cut and joined.
However, as a basis for taking a different material, it can be chipboard or plywood.
For table-top water resistant, the material is the basis for countertops has its own characteristics, but the water it gets extremely rare. Abrasion – differently. These countertops are divided into several categories, the most expensive – the most durable. Wash docked top or bottom, stainless steel or ceramic white, can be purchased from a porcelain-like color or cut blanks and made of the same stone, but it will have sharp corners.


Thirdly – natural stone countertops. And to abrasion and water are very stable.
However, do not fit together beautifully, made possible from a stone and very heavy.
Sinks only separate, stainless steel or granite it is your choice is placed on top.
What is the best countertop for you to decide, I briefly described the characteristics of simple-minded.
Now you need to decide which of your requirements the most satisfied in some kind of tops. If you want cheap, but qualitatively, it is the first option. If you want an interesting shape without joints – is the second option, but it is expensive. If you want the most durable countertop – that is your option a third more expensive than the first, and generally less than a second.
– DOORS. Now a lot of them, but the most popular of the bottom are: chipboard, MDF Foil, PRB profile (assembly) in the plastic trimming and framed in aluminum, natural wood, veneered wood or chipboard, MDF painted, akrilyuks and so on.
If you use the furniture carefully, then you will not last for a long time, even the most durable materials and, if used mercilessly, it is possible to shorten the life of even the most durable materials.
And so the laminated particleboard, it is better if it is framed in aluminum, MDF Foil, mainly for beauty, strength is very “delicate.” PRB profile strength higher than MDF Foil, due to the fact that the film is more durable and fully wrap around the profile. Plastic – the strongest, the same plastic used in the manufacture of countertops, better in the aluminum frame. Wood, the most commonly used breeds such as oak, alder and ash. For hard rocks are Oak and Ash, alder – soft material. Veneered materials, if the quality done to moisture are more stable than wood. MDF painted beautiful and expensive material can be matte and glossy (pay attention to the quality of the painting), is resistant to water, but to care for them should be carefully, afraid to accidental bumps and abrasive schёtke. Akrilyuks new expensive material, reviews about it to me is not received.


-FURNITURA. In my opinion, it is better to choose the worst of the better than the best of the worst. Hardware should not be cheap, all the same, it is necessary to use fairly often, and do not want to, it broke down at the wrong time, causing nerve irritation. However, if you save, and agree to it if that change, please!
All manufacturers, which you can find in a furniture store, can offer you the same thing, and materials and accessories and timing all about the same. Prices may differ, so it is better to do some monitoring of prices.
Valuable to a greater extent is itself designer, who designs furniture to you, take into account your requirements and wishes, advises you on your pans, if they are in contradiction with the convenience of the operation.
Begin your communication with the designer need to pre-measurement, having considered what technique you want to place there. It is best if the repair in your kitchen is not finished yet, and it is possible to correctly position the outlet, in the right place to put the tiles align the color scheme room and kitchen furniture.

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