How to choose a bath

Bathroom we use every day and several times a day, so this place can be even to some extent called resting place. Since the bath has a long service life and is used regularly, you need a responsible approach to the question of its choice.
The point here is not only in the choice of material, design and price range, you need to consider the durability, hygiene and comfort. So that you do not find any unpleasant surprises when buying a bath, let’s look at the main advantages and disadvantages of different possible types of baths. how to choose a bathtub
The process of selecting the bathroom can be divided into several stages:
Determining the correct size of the bathroom
The choice of form (it may be rectangular, circular, square or angular)
Determine the desired material bathroom
Select features and characteristics baths (rail, water lights, jetted tubs, built-in radio)


Choosing a bath – is not easy, it is difficult to decide what is best bathtub. And you can start by choosing your next bath material, in fact many of the characteristics and quality of the product will depend on it.
At present, the most accessible and popular material for manufacturing bathtubs are acrylic, cast iron and steel. You can also find various types of baths from stone, wood or KVAR, but they are rare and are not cheap, so let’s get familiar with the materials.
Steel bath
The most economical option is to choose a bath of steel. Baths of steel are popular mainly because of its affordable price. They started to gain its popularity at the time of rapid development of the country and cottage construction, as this material is very light and easy to carry.
In addition to its efficiency, steel bathtubs enough variability of the form, you will find the product of any size and shape with no problems. But the shortcomings – in such a bath the water will cool quickly, it is easy to remain in the dents and scratches, and this material is quite noisy. However, the steel bath is the best choice when you need cost-effective repair or if it will not be too often used.

Most likely, many of the familiar, to your question, how to choose a bath, will advise you to buy a bath of cast iron. This is the classic version, the test of time. The first baths were made in the late nineteenth century and no major differences in production happened since that time.
This material is quiet, very durable and will last several decades, the water in it cools down for a long time. By cons it is necessary to carry a decent weight, which complicates transport, and only a few shapes and sizes of cast iron bathtubs, of course, if they are not designs. Not to mention its high price, because usually it is 2-3 times more than their counterparts.

how choice bathtub

Choose cast iron bath. How to choose a bath of cast iron?
In the first place, look for the enamel bath, the coating must all be absolutely uniform.
At the sound of knocking on the bathroom must be the same and not too shrill.
It is believed the heavier the product, so it is better and safer.

These baths have appeared recently on sale, however, has earned a place on the market worth. If you look, it consists of acrylic plastic, which is strengthened through reinforcement. The more layers of reinforcement – the better bath. Acrylic Bathtubs most heat, they weigh little.
Choosing acrylic bathtub is very wide, there are baths in all variations of shapes, colors and sizes. The surface is easy to damage, but also to remove small scratches easily, using sandpaper. These baths are hygienic and easy to clean.

A lot of winding lines in the bath cause for concern, because the quality is very difficult to give the acrylic complex shape.


Baths from Kwara
Kwara – a novelty among the bath materials. It is created from acrylic and quartz. Quartz imparts stiffness of the whole structure, so these baths do not require reinforcement. Their surface is very hard to damage, the water in them for a long time retains its temperature.

By weight, they are a little easier to iron. Quaryl baths are made by low tide. Since this is a new material for bathtubs – a choice you will be pleasantly surprised, because this material are interested many designers and manufacturers resourceful.

But in order to understand how to choose the bathroom, not enough to know what materials they can produce. It is necessary to objectively assess their needs and capabilities.
And I would like to mention the importance of bath dimensions. Reflecting what is better to choose a bath, be sure to pay attention to the fact that you have placed in her comfortable reclining, but to his feet rested. A water level should be above the knee.


If you want the bathroom, which will be able to relax as much as possible, of course, is a hot tub.
choose a bath is much more difficult as it is necessary to consider the following:


pump power
difference in the control system
the number of nozzles

The bath should be chosen depending on the size of the bathroom and its layout.
Remember that rectangular bath saves water and freestanding models – experiment with interior design.

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