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Registration of an entrance to an apartment building is an important decorative element, as it should give a favorable impression both to the surrounding and to the owners. From the correct choice of the style of the entrance zone will depend on the first impression about the accuracy and hospitality of the owners of the house. Of course, the entrance to the house is practically a visiting card of the home and its owners.

There can be a lot of variants of registration of an entrance zone in a residential house, everything here depends only on imagination and design fiction. However, choosing the interior for the entrance, you need to consider the color, shape and general details of the house in order to achieve a relationship between its appearance and the overall architecture as a whole. For example, the coloring of the canopy and details of the future porch must be carried out depending on the overall color of the house. There are the most common ways of registering the entrance, where you should stop your choice. Any of them can be subsequently upgraded to the taste and desire of the owner. Common to all is that their design elements can be used both in a complex, so separately from each other.


Quite popular is the semi-circular entrance zone with a metal fence. Most often, such designs are complemented by a Plexiglas roof. It can also serve as a frame for climbing plants: clematis, wild grapes or ivy. If desired, the entrance to the private house can be designed in the style of a rural house. This style is peculiar, located on both sides of the entrance of the base for climbing creeping plants, flower-makers in the form of a pyramid, a door curtain in the traditional style and different types of lamps. There is nothing more beautiful than the entrance, decorated with side trellises and an arch. In such cases, the entrance area will effectively emphasize tubs with boxwood or planted decorative ivy. As an experiment it is possible to design an entrance zone in the style of the Far East. Very stylish look gates of unusual shape and lined path of stones of various shapes and sizes. If this option is not to your liking, the entrance zone made in the Mediterranean style will look no less original. This entrance is distinguished by columns that can perform both constructive functions and decorative (as a framework for curly flowers). Finish this style will help mosaic of pebbles and clay vases.

The entrance to the European style is characterized by the correctness and rigor of the forms. In this case, the entrance area is decorated with a variety of accessories. It can be street metal lights or decorative garden figures of animals and gnomes. Stairs are faced with stone or tiles. Possessing great creative potential, you can try to diversify the organization of the entrance and create your own unique image of decoration.

Often a small staircase at the entrance to the house is decorated with flower-vases, which can be all sorts of old kegs, iron balls and even old cast iron. In general, everything that previously stood unnecessarily, and now can become a highlight of the design of the entrance to the house.
Flower plants in the entrance zone it is more expedient to place one or several species, forming whole flower baskets (flower pots or rectangular boxes). In the center of the composition flowers are planted with an erect stalk (tuberous begonias, marigolds, lavender), and along the edges – with a descending stalk. Especially unusual look hanging flower complexes, if on the stairs to place flowerpots with coloring plants, for example, at the top – red and from below – red balsam.
The color composition can also be made in the form of a ball, and hang it in the center of the porch at the entrance. For such designs and petunias are excellent.


It is quite wonderful and beautifully look hanging gardens, equipped with trellises or pergolas. They are ideal for climbing roses, ivy or other ornamental plants that tend to cling and crawl. To create especially beautiful forms, the trellis can be fixed on the wall at the entrance, decorated in the form of a pyramid, a canopy, an arch or even a gazebo. Such tricks provide a special appearance and functional expediency, as pergolas, shading approaches to the house, can simultaneously serve as a support for the vines.
In most cases, climbing plants are planted directly in the ground near the entrance, in specially left holes, in large boxes or other containers. In the open ground it is possible to grow various kinds of lianas, clematis, and boxes are used for planting such annual climbing plants as decorative beans or purple and blue morning glory.


An important factor is also the lighting of the entrance zone. Hang the cute street lanterns on both sides of the porch and hide the street lights between pots with plants, in bushes or grass for a beautiful backlighting entry in the evening. In the absence of a porch or the impossibility of arranging a special area in front of the entrance, even the smallest space can be turned into a small flowering garden from plants in containers and a small raised flowerbed.
Considered examples of the organization of the entrance to the house, of course, can not cover all possible options, they only determine the direction of creative search for their own decisions. Let them help to add comfort and individuality to your home, and the beauty surrounding it always raises the mood. And remember, adding a little diligence and imagination can successfully implement any architectural ideas, and the entrance to the house will become a matter of pride and admiration.

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