Floor repair and design

A special approach is always needed to repair the floors. On the one hand, we are always looking for a beautiful design solution, namely the choice of colors, textures, shapes, or other stylistic solutions. This applies to the choice of finishing the floor. But on the other hand, the type of flooring chosen for us, for floor repairs, must meet all operational standards for this room. Let’s see what flooring is best for a particular room.

If we choose flooring for walk-through areas, such as corridor, hallway, flooring should be very durable. Since the corridor and the hallway are most heavily exploited, be it sand brought from the street, a bicycle, rollers, etc., all this can damage the floor covering. For the corridor and hallway it is desirable to use a laminate and ceramic tiles.

For kitchens also for finishing the floor it is best to choose a laminate and ceramic tiles. Since the ceramic tile directly contacts the floor screed, it is always cold, so often with it a warm floor system (water or electric type) is used.

In the bathroom it is better to use ceramic tiles. Also suitable for it are waterproof carpeting and sealed cork panels.

The living room is always the hallmark of the whole apartment, so it will look good in the floor of the piece parquet. You can also use the floor from the parquet board, which is inferior to the parquet floor, according to the variety of the pattern, but it is cheaper and has different color shades.

In the bedrooms for finishing the floor, you can recommend carpet. He is rich in the choice of color, pattern and length and will fit well into the overall interior of the room. Besides this, which is especially important for sleeping rooms, bare feet when in contact with it, feel the warmth, softness and carpet is simply pleasant to the touch. Although of course there are different types of carpet. Laminate, which also has a number of advantages, will also be practical in the bedroom.

Now let’s take a closer look at the general methods of finishing the floor, their installation technologies, advantages and disadvantages.


Besides the main advantage of the parquet of its beauty and prestige, the parquet has a number of advantages. It is an ecologically clean type of floor covering, it has good sound and heat insulation. Different types of wood used for laying parquet provides a platform for implementing various design solutions. Also, parquet, if used properly, can last a long time.


In appearance, the laminate has some similarities with parquet. But it has a number of advantages in relation to it, it is cheaper and less subject to wear and tear. Usually the laminate is a panel having dimensions of 1200 to 200 mm and a thickness of 6 to 11 mm. Panels in turn consist of several layers, different in material and fulfilling their function. The panels are joined together by a locking principle. Strengths include strength, easy installation, moisture resistance, good heat and sound insulation, as well as a variety of color shades.

Carpet cover

Carpet consists of several layers of pile, primary and secondary gasket. What you should pay attention to is the composition of the yarn used to make the carpet, it can be natural (woolen) or synthetic (nylon) yarn. The merits of wool carpets include low water permeability, fire resistance, high elasticity and ease of cleaning, but it is more expensive and has a short service life. To the dignity of nylon can be attributed soft pile, not fade, easy to clean, easy to install and have a long service life. Carpet has a rich selection of textures, colors and drawings, which means that it fits well in any interior of the room.

Cork Flooring

Cork plug is the cork of the cork. Cork floor has a number of advantages of elasticity, water resistance, excellent soundproofing, resistant to abrasion and deformation. Also cork coating is environmentally friendly and durable material.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles are made of clay, quartz sand and other components, pressed and adored in special furnaces. It can be both glossy and matte. Ceramic tiles are environmentally friendly material, fireproof, waterproof, has high strength, easy to clean. In addition, ceramic tiles have a rich variety of colors and patterns.


The advantages of linoleum include high wear resistance, cheapness, ease of installation, and linoleum is environmentally friendly. Linoleum is rich in color scale and types of patterns that can emit other types of flooring (parquet, etc.). But it is also very prone to mechanical impacts (sharp corners), which can damage the surface, so it requires a careful attitude.

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