Curtains for the living room

The living room is the room in which the family lives. There are family conversations, organize a home council, meet the New Year. When choosing the curtains are looking for a neutral option, so that the interior of the living room is liked by all members of the family. Before choosing curtains for the living room, remember, this room is characterized by a friendly atmosphere and cosiness. This fact must be taken into account, and the desires of family members correlate with the interior of the room.


Decide on the color palette and choose a shade. On its basis, you can choose the appropriate color or semitone. If you want to make curtains a bright element of the room, stop choosing bright colors.

For a room made in the style of hi-tech or minimalism, neutral colors are suitable. Texture of the fabric should be gentle and simple.


During the selection of curtains in the living room, follow their function. Decide what curtains you want to see in the living room.

Light or dense material? Calculate the width and length. Pay attention to the height and number of tiers. Determine the amount of light in the room.

If you need a bright living room, buy thin curtains. A cozy room will make dense fabrics. It’s good when the design of the curtains matches the interior. A simple option.

Four curtains are attached to the cornice by means of rings. Suitable for materials of medium gravity and light colors.


If you want to hide the mechanism of fastening the curtains, get a nice cornice.

To create an effect of lightness, get translucent curtains.

To increase the area of the room and the ceiling height, attach the curtains under the ceiling.

If you want to diversify the interior of the room, combine several curtains. For heavy curtains, made of dense fabric, hang flowing or light products. During the day, they will let in the light. Remember, fabric curtains can be supplemented or changed, as a result, the interior of the room will be refreshed. Ribbons and bows will help. If you think that the tape is not enough, use beads as an alternative for garter curtains.


An additional element of the curtains will be a good tulle. Buy a few different options and from time to time update with their help the interior.

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