Children’s room design

Children grow so fast, until recently your baby rolled around the floor of a typewriter, and now he is going to school for the first time. On how to equip the children’s room with the fact that the child will grow, what better to choose a color solution, furniture, lighting and much more – practical advice from designers.

The children’s room should combine many functions and have several zones: a recreation area – a bedroom, a place for study – an office, a zone for physical education – a sports corner.


For children it is best to choose a bright room, it is desirable that it was as far removed from the front door and did not have a balcony.
The floor in the children’s room should be warm, resistant to dirt and shock – all these requirements are met, for example, laminated parquet. In the playing area, it’s better to lay a carpet of natural nap.
Well, if you make soundproofing, then take care of your nerves and neighbors. Walls can be pasted with paper wallpaper, or used for finishing ecological cotton covers that also have thermal insulation properties, or simply paint. Wall painting is another interesting solution, How to equip a children’s room. The design of the children’s room will make the room fun, energetic and will give it an individuality.

Furniture is better to buy from well-known, well-established manufacturers. It should be safe for the child – do not have protruding parts and sharp corners, and is made of ecological materials (without harmful impurities, paints, adhesives).
As the main source of light instead of a chandelier in modern solutions most often are built-in false ceiling spotlights. For lessons at the table, there must be one more. How to equip a nursery. Illumination of the children’s room – desktop lighting. An additional source is a sconce or a table lamp. It is necessary to place the switch in the child’s room correctly. It should be located not more than a meter from the floor, so that the child can reach it by himself.
Children should be better equipped so that it can be easily transformed at any time. For walls and floor, choose neutral. How to equip the nursery. The interior of the nursery. Colors, and change only the interior details – window curtains, lamps, carpets. Modern furniture manufacturers offer transformable furniture, which “grows” simultaneously with the child.

When choosing the color solution of the room, you need to take into account that the color can have different effects on the child’s psyche. Each color is responsible for certain areas of the brain. Violet and blue – promote the development of intelligence, blue and green – contribute to the development of speech, yellow and orange – stimulate the development of creativity, increase activity. The brighter and more rich are the shades of the decor of the children’s room, the more actively the brain will work. But in everything there should be a measure, busting with saturated colors can depressingly act on the child’s psyche, cause fatigue and even dizziness. Therefore, it is better to use only bright details when decorating a children’s room – a rug, pillows or a favorite bright toy.

For the nursery, in which the baby is growing, the pastel colors are optimal – they act soothingly, in such a room the baby is easier to fall asleep and the sleep will be healthier. How to equip the nursery. Room for the newborn.


It is not necessary from the first days of the appearance of the baby to decorate the room with large toys, they will be needed later, when the child can sit. While it is better to manage rattles, especially since soft toys are good dust collectors and can cause allergies.

You can decorate a newborn’s room with just a few items: a clock, a night light, a merry-go-round, which will be circling above the crib, in bright frames to put pictures of the baby.

Ceiling decorate the chandelier in the form of a sun or chamomile, How to equip a nursery. Room with curtains cheerful colors, which are easily closed and open. They should be from a dense fabric, so that bright daylight does not bother the baby during sleep. How to equip the nursery. Room of a newborn child.

From the furniture in the room of the newborn should stand: a cot, a dresser, a changing table, an arena. A little later, they join a small table and chairs, rocking horses and swings.

How to decorate a child’s room from 4 to 8 years old

For the decor of the children’s room it is better to stay on bright colors that carry a cheerful mood. How to equip the children’s room. Room for girls. Suitable for girls – traditional shades of pink, How to equip a children’s room. Design rooms for girls. For boys – pistachio and blue. How to equip the nursery. Design of a children’s room.
Do not overload the room with furniture. The minimum required is a wardrobe and a bed, a table and a chair for work, shelves for books and toys. How to equip the children’s room. The design of the children’s room. It’s good, if space permits, to equip a sports corner with a Swedish wall and rings.

How to decorate a child’s room from 9 to 16 years old

When choosing the color and decor of the teen’s room, avoid “acid” and other poisonous shades, they excite the psyche. Just do not dwell on oppressive tones – brown, gray, dark purple. If in a teen room a pastel tone fades, then dilute it with bright accents – posters, posters within the framework, pillows, carpets, etc.

A good solution would be to divide the room using the podium, How to equip the nursery. The design of the children’s room. The height is just over half a meter, with stairs. There’s better to equip the workplace – put a table, chair, shelves. With this idea, the bed during the day when guests come, is under the podium, and at night – is pushed.

As a second option you can consider a loft bed: the bottom is the place for How to equip a nursery. The design of the children’s room. At the top, there is a bed. Again in this case there is a lot of room for meetings and communication with friends.

And finally, a few tips of Your little son, about what mistakes should not be allowed if you are going to equip the children’s room.

You should not cover the walls of the children’s room with wallpaper with various figures of little animals, ships, houses, etc. Psychologists noticed that all this is boring children, it is better to choose a warm, monochromatic shade.
One of the mistakes that parents allow is the purchase of adult furniture in the children’s room – to grow. The child then does not feel like the owner of the room.
Too bright color, coming from the chandelier and sconce, will quickly tire the child. This, like the differences in the illumination of the room is very harmful for the psyche and for sight. Choose lampshades of soft colors, all the shades of yellow are suitable, since this color calms.
It is not necessary to cover the entire floor with carpet, it, as well as the abundance of large soft toys, collects a lot of dust and it is difficult to take care of such a large surface. It’s better to buy a small carpet for playing on the floor.

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