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A living room or a hall is an apartment of an apartment or a house, which should combine style, comfort, comfort and functionality. Often the hall combines the functions of the living room, dining room and guest room. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think over every detail, every detail. You can invite a specialist who will help transform the living room, and you can develop and implement the interior of the hall with your own hands. And our advice and photo-selection will help you in this. There are two rules for arranging furniture and decoration items:
First – a small living room should not be overloaded with furniture.

Secondly – in a large hall there should not be a lot of unfilled area.

If the area allows, it can be divided into a living room and a dining room. Zoning is carried out both with the help of furniture, and with the help of lighting, floor coverings, multi-level ceilings. If the room is small, then it is advisable to apply functional, mobile furniture: a soft corner of individual pouffes, a folding or sliding table. Often to increase the space, the kitchen and the hall are united: they demolish the wall between them, and the border is, for example, the bar counter.

It is desirable that the style of the living room echoed the design style of the whole apartment. You can choose a classic style or minimalism for the interior decoration of the hall with your own hands. Choosing a certain style, it will be much easier to select furniture and accessories, decoration materials and lighting.


Each style has its own colors. They can be bright and muffled, dark and light, cold and warm. With the help of color, you can not only divide by zones the room, but also visually expand the space or, conversely, make it smaller and cozier:
Light walls and dark floor or dark ceiling in combination with light walls increase the room.
Light shades of the ceiling, floor and walls are also able to visually expand the space.
The dark floor plus light walls limit the room, giving it stability and solidity.
To increase the length or width of the room, the walls opposite each other should be contrasted in color: one is darker, the other lighter.
Cold colors refresh the interior, warm, on the contrary, make it softer and cozier.
For any room, including the hall, not only color correction is applicable. Change the visual perception will also help drawing on walls (strips vertical or horizontal), curtains and cornices. For example, the cornice in the entire wall expands the room, and the border, pasted under the ceiling, makes the room lower.

You can illuminate the hall with lighting. For this purpose, it is made multilevel. For example, in the center of the room hang a chandelier, which is selected for the style of the living room. Other light sources distinguish functional zones. For the style of hi-tech, minimalism or modernity choose a spotlight, to the Empire, Provence, Baroque, choose suitable wall, floor or table lamps: sconces, floor lamps.


When buying and placing furniture, remember that it does not interfere with free movement and does not obstruct other objects. For example, a large table between the sofa and TV will look cumbersome and inconvenient to sit. Furniture should not block the passage to the fireplace, the window or to the kitchen opening, if the kitchen is combined with the living room. With any style of furniture should emphasize the beauty of the interior of the hall, and not distract attention to yourself. Therefore, choose a functional furniture-transformer: a wardrobe with a compartment for the TV, open shelves, a folding table, a folding sofa, etc.

Properly selected textiles give the interior of the hall a finished look. What is called, “neither reduce nor add.” Textiles are not only curtains and curtains, but also furniture upholstery or fabric draperies, if any. The version of clothing for the windows directly depends on the style in which the interior of the living room is made. When decorating windows, you should follow several rules:
Do not combine curtains and wallpaper with a different pattern.
Dark curtains are not suitable for a sunny room.

The bright light coming from outside will make them even darker. It is better to take a light, but dense tissue.
Do not use fabric for curtains with a different pattern and texture. Ornament of curtains should correspond to the area of the room.
So, in a small hall the curtains with huge colors will be wildly looked. It is not necessary to buy furniture of a certain color. Instead, you can use covers or cloaks on the furniture. Complementing the interior of the hall with various details, it is also worth to taste. For example, paintings in wide rich frames are suitable for walls with a pattern. And elegant thin frames can be hung on monophonic walls. Large plants in a small room will feel very uncomfortable. These are the basic tips, based on which, you can transform the interior of your room.

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