Apartment interior design

If you decide to change the design of your apartment or its individual premises, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the main types of design recommendations drawn up by professionals in this field. These recommendations will help you in choosing the right decisions in creating comfort and coziness of your home.
Feng Shui Interior Apartment.

Best Apartment Interior Design

Best Apartment Interior Design

Feng Shui interior Feng Shui apartment is the Taoist practice of symbolic space exploration. Translated from Chinese means “wind and water”, also translated as “geomancy”. Feng Shui helps to determine the best place to build a house, to decide the best plan for site partitioning, to choose a favorable place for burial, to plan the interior of the apartment and the house, to determine the purpose of the rooms, to choose the layout of the park, and to solve the problems of town planning.

The main goal pursued by the teachings of Feng Shui is to tame the flow of Qi energy and use it for the benefit of man.

Feng Shui is a science about the energy flows of a house, apartment, surrounding landscape, land and how these flows affect luck, well-being and every sphere of our life.


In the apartment, Feng Shui is determined by such factors as: the orientation of the room relative to the sides of the world, the color of the interior, the shape and size of furniture, the surrounding landscape, etc. Using the techniques used in Feng Shui, you need to balance the energy of Yang and Yin, and create good conditions To promote the apartment of the beneficial energy of Qi. To achieve this, you need to carefully consider the color scheme of the apartment in such a way that it contains all five without exception, five elements of Feng Shui: wood, earth, water, fire, metal.

Almost all the elements of the interior design of the premises can be ungrouped into Yin and Yang. Yin elements are: carpets, soft muted tones, streamlined objects, carpeting, upholstered furniture, velvet or velvet, patterns with smooth wavy lines. Yang elements are: sharp objects, bright aggressive colors, products from synthetic fabrics and polymers, pyramidal and triangular geometric patterns and shapes, furniture, upholstered in leather.


Feng Shui, as a teaching, tries with the help of its methods to harmonize the living space and create all the conditions for promoting the beneficial energy of Qi in the room. Obstacles that stand in the way of Qi movement are sharp corners, massive furniture, bulky items, columns, cluttered dark corners, insufficient lighting.

Interior Styles

Styles of the interior of the apartment. The dictionary of Dalia style is an image, a taste. In our understanding, style means a harmonious combination of traits, the unity of the artistic direction.

There is an opportunity to define both the style of the era, and the style in architecture, in art, the style of the individual, and the style of his house. The style, for example, of an architectural direction or era is determined by historical, social and economic conditions. If you analyze the style of an individual or his house, then everything depends on the tastes and preferences of this person, which can change as you grow up, change your lifestyle and well-being. At the same time the style is strongly influenced by the temperament and character of a person.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of such a task as choosing a style solution for interiors in living quarters. After all, the correctly chosen style of your house will largely determine your mood, efficiency, comfort and comfort of your life.


Making your choice in favor of this or that style, it is very important not to make mistakes. Otherwise, it may turn out that the layout of the whole house will not be convenient enough, and the interior details like you, such as furniture, wallpaper, carpets, etc., collected together, do not just not harmonize with each other, but even contradict each other . Your main task is to create an interior in which a common line will be traced, where individual elements naturally and harmoniously blend together, creating as a result a whole image embodied in a certain style.

Modernity, classicism, country, techno, minimalism, art deco, high-tech – this is not a complete list of styles that exist in the modern design of architecture and interior. In turn, many of these styles are divided into several areas. Even a certain mixture of styles is allowed. For example, the interior, decorated in a classic style, can contain elements of modern design. The only condition is that all elements must be relevant in this interior, emphasize the individuality of the owner of the room and harmoniously fit into the surrounding space.

The role of lighting in the interior of an apartment
Lighting in the interior of the apartment The right interior lighting is a complex and painstaking work. Sometimes one or another source of lighting has to be selected not only for a certain room, but for each element of decoration, a piece of furniture, a decorative element, etc. If this condition is not met, then often the interior does not appear to be in the “most favorable light”.


Even the most familiar and outstanding interior can be changed beyond recognition with the help of a lighting system alone. And even within a day, competent organization and arrangement of lighting equipment can modify the same room, without requiring at the same time repair or cardinal re-planning. In order to improve or recreate the lighting environment of the room, you must first analyze the amount and quality of natural light, the standard lighting equipment of your home. Only after that you can begin to think about the necessary changes and additions.

Accounting for the lighting of the building with natural lighting, as well as the organization of competent artificial lighting of interiors are integral parts of the means for creating comfortable conditions for human habitation.

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